NIF…Never Ends - 'AGELESS' Freedom Candlemaker

NIF…Never Ends - 'AGELESS' Freedom Candlemaker

NIF…Never Ends - 'AGELESS' Freedom Candlemaker


When: 12/01/2024

Tickets: ΖONE A: €18 / €15 (reduced) | ZONE B: €16 / €12 (reduced) | ZONE C: €14 / €10 (reduced) | ZONE D: €12 / €10 (reduced) | Reduced tickets are valid for: Students, soldiers, pensioners, large families, actors, disabled (free) with presentation of relevant ID
LARGE FAMILIES : Free Tickets for half of the children and reduced tickets for the rest of family ( Please call 22797979)

Duration: 90'


About the event:

The Nicosia International Festival presents the latest full-length album of Cypriot singer-songwriter Freedom Candlemaker entitled "Ageless", for the first time in Cyprus. This is a musical performance that travels seamlessly through dreamy psychedelic and esoteric pop, electronica, and nu-folk, constructing a celestial sonic journey.

More about the event:

The core of his latest homonymous work consists of songs that express the spiritual liberation of humanity and the realisation of our inner power. While he tirelessly pursues the transformative voyage towards a state of simple existence, he deconstructs conventional perceptions of time and decay. “Ageless” will feature a large ensemble on stage, with dance and movement enriching the performance and creating an atmospheric, sensual, and theatrical experience.

Previously, Freedom Candlemaker has released the album “Beaming Light” and the singles “Gold”, “I am Love”, “The Win” and “Resurrection”. In the past, he has released music under the name Lefteris Moumtzis and J.KristeMaster of Disguise.


Lefteris Moumtzis (Freedom Candlemaker) is a musician, songwriter and producer. With a career spanning more than twenty years, Moumtzis has released acclaimed solo and band recordings both as a composer/performer and as a producer. In 2016 he released his first solo album under his real name, “Now Happiness” and in February 2019 his first album as Freedom Candlemaker, “Beaming Light”, marking a new era for his career. The album was met with multiple positive reviews from internationally renowned mass media. He has composed music for various theatre and dance productions, films and documentaries and is the artistic director of Fengaros Festival, Fengaros Music Village and the record label Louvana Records.


Vocals, electric bass: Freedom Candlemaker

Vocals, flute, keyboards: Nama Dama

Vocals, flute: Cemre Arca

Keyboards, piano: Orestis Benekas

Vocals, electric guitar: Odysseas Tziritas

Electric guitar: Alexandra Astraiou Karydi

Drums: Nikolas Tsangaris

Dance: Sofia Irakleous, Ioli Kaskani

Sound engineering: Stefanos Pontos


Festival identity
Organizers: Nicosia Municipality, Nicosia For Art 
The Festival is presented by ECOMMBX.
Institutional sponsor: Ministry of Culture, Republic of Cyprus 
Silver Sponsor: Cyprus Public Transport 
Bronze sponsor: Embassy of Spain in Cyprus, Deloitte Legal
Hospitality sponsor: The Classic Hotel 

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